Advanced Services


Patient Portal

Our electronic medical record, EMA from Modernizing Medicine, offers a patient health portal to allow our patients easy access to update their health history online, communicate with our staff electronically, and check their test results. Send a request or question securely to our staff at your convenience rather than waiting on hold or leaving a voice mail.

Allergy Testing and Treatment Center

Our Allergy Testing and Treatment Center provides comprehensive needle-free allergy testing and immunotherapy so you and your family can get your ENT care and allergy care in one convenient location. We offer SLIT (Allergy Drop Therapy) to block your allergic reaction before it starts. This convenient form of immunotherapy is done by the patient at home each night to prevent your allergy symptoms using your own immune system..

Mini-CT Scanner

We offer the convenience and safety of the Xoran Mini-CT scan for detailed sinus imaging. This very low-dose radiation CT scan is specific to evaluating your sinuses with a fraction of the radiation exposure of a traditional CT scan. Same-day imaging and real-time answers for your sinus issues are the standard of care in our office.

Painless Nasal Video Endoscopy

You deserve a detailed understanding of your diagnosis in a way that only a picture can show. We perform Painless Video Endoscopy to provide real-time video images of your exam. Dr. Slaughter can display your exam for you to review in detail at the time of your visit so you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and the proposed solutions.

Home Sleep Study

Our Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center offers Alice Night One HST (Home Sleep Testing) from Philips Respironics for snoring and sleep apnea analysis. This allows accurate and convenient testing in the comfort of your own home. At your consultation with Dr. Slaughter, if a sleep test is thought to be necessary, you will be given the equipment and personal instructions to have your sleep study that very night. When you drop your equipment off the next day, the data will be uploaded to our sleep analysis software and Dr. Slaughter will be able to personally analyze your sleep study and have a result for you rapidly.

Procedure Room

Our state-of-the-art office Procedure Room allows for minimally invasive treatments for sinus conditions such as Balloon Sinuplasty and snoring treatments with intravenous sedation for maximum comfort. Dr. Slaughter presently serves as a recognized TEC (Training Excellence Center) for balloon sinuplasty and has done so for many years. Physicians from around the country have come to learn how to incorporate his techniques into their practice.

3D Computer-Assisted Navigation

Dr. Slaughter uses Fiogan 3-Dimensional Computer-Assisted Navigation for Balloon Sinuplasty. This technology, which until now has only been available in a large hospital setting, can now be used in our office for pinpoint accuracy in Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. Slaughter participated in the development of this technology and has served as a speaker nationally in its use. This technology, Fiogan 4D Cube navigation system, provides pin-point accuracy for balloon placement in the sinus anatomy.

Hearing Testing Services

Our advanced hearing testing services allow us to evaluate patients from newborns to the geriatric population. Our hearing aid services offer the latest in digital hearing aids custom fit for the patient’s hearing loss. Our balance lab allows for a sophisticated evaluation of patients with dizziness and vertigo.

Videonystagmography (VNG)

The VNG is a test of the inner ear and portions of the brain which can help us understand the cause of your dizziness or vertigo problem.


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