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Center of Excellence in Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinus and Snoring Specialists has served as a National Center of Excellence for training in Balloon Sinuplasty for Entellus Medical. This recognition is offered only to select ENT physicians who have demonstrated advanced skills and services related to balloon sinuplasty. ENT physicians from all over the United States came to Sinus & Snoring Specialists to observe and learn from Dr. Slaughter about advanced balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Slaughter also served as a trainer for many other Center of Excellence ENT physicians allowing his experience to advance sinus care throughout the country.

Innovator of the technology used in balloon sinuplasty

Dr. Slaughter has been part of the revolution in minimally invasive sinus care from it’s inception. He was part of the creation of the original prototype of the instrument he uses in balloon sinuplasty. He was involved in the FDA study that made balloon sinuplasty available for patient care. Dr. Slaughter also helped in the creation of 3D computer navigation for balloon sinuplasty. This technology, called Fiogan, allows for pinpoint accuracy in placement of the balloon in the sinus outflow tracts using CT scan guidance. He also developed the protocol for IV sedation in the office setting for greater patient comfort and safety. This protocol is now used by many ENT physicians nationally.

National educator in balloon sinuplasty

Dr. Slaughter is a nationally recognized speaker and a trainer for hundreds of ENT physicians across the United States for advanced balloon sinuplasty. He has traveled to cities all over the United States and given weekend courses on the best of practices in advance balloon sinuplasty to ENT physicians. He also has given on going education locally to primary care providers about this exciting technology.

When a patient seeks sinus care from Dr. Slaughter, they are being seen by a nationally recognized leader in sinus care.

Sinus & Snoring Specialists is proud to be a designated Center of Excellence for Balloon Sinuplasty.   

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