Jessica S.

Going to this practice is by far the best doctor’s office experience I’ve ever had. This office has attention to every detail. Each person from the front desk to reception to each specialist, technician, and doctor seen along the way ensures a patient feels comfortable and acknowledged. Each step of the way runs like a smooth oiled machine while still providing a personalized experience that is noticeably efficient and effective but never rushed. Thanks Dr. Slaughter and Team for so expertly providing care that truly cares.

Madison Brinkley

I have been seeing Dr. Slaughter since I was a baby and I have always had great care and a wonderful experience in his office. The staff is very professional and caring. Dr. Slaughter is great and always helps!

JR McDowell

This office has presented nothing but the finest service you could possibly expect. They respond quickly and courteously. Everyone is very friendly at the office as well as on the phone. I have referred several friends and coworkers to this office.


Always a great experience. I usually get in a room before my appointment time and do not wait too long at each step. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I won’t say it’s a pleasure to go to a doctor’s office, but this is about as close as you could get.

Gary Johnson

Hard to say more superlatives than others have already stated. They’re great. Very efficient, even giving you an iPad to enter your information, history, allergies, etc. I was taken in on time. All of the help was friendly. Dr. Slaughter has a good sense of humour and sure knows (nose) his business. I couldn’t have had a more positive experience. Thanks to everyone at the office.

Elizabeth Eppes

I am FINALLY getting relief from my sinuses – I’m now waking in the morning with very little congestion! The professionals who work with Dr Slaughter were kind and caring. And Dr Slaughter showed such compassion and professionalism

Pam Hurn

I have been searching for a doctors office that would treat my ear and look for a solution instead of just throwing ideas out there. The office staff was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very efficient. I’ve been to a lot of doctors lately and this is my favorite office I’ve ever been to.

TL Means

Quality care is hard to come by. My experience is new to Sinus and Snoring Specialist and I found their health care began once I entered the facility. The process of my care from beginning to end of my appointment guided me to the next steps to be a healthier me.

Elizabeth Henry

The entire team at Sinus and Snoring specialists are top notch. I have been going here for a few years now and everyone is always so polite and friendly. I have met with Dr. Slaughter on several occasions and he has answered my 100 questions and has not once tried to up sell me a procedure (unlike some other specialists I’ve been to). They accept Care Credit if you need a little extra help with expenses. Great doctor, great team. Highly recommend.

Michael Zamloot

The quality of healthcare I received at my initial consult and diagnostic exam with Dr. Slaughter was excellent. The state of the art diagnostic equipment he has at his office are impressive; including a CAT scan which, in my case, enabled the complete imaging of my nose and sinus that led to a recommended treatment approach. There was a staff team efficiently handling the history and biometric data, CAT scan, a home sleep study apparatus, and it culminated in a final exam and consult by Dr. Slaughter. The sleep study results were promptly interpreted and uploaded to my patient portal, and one of the staff called to review the results and Dr’s recommendation. I was completely satisfied with all aspects of my visit, and post visit follow-up via phone and patient portal. This facility and professional team are a window into the efficiencies realized by the merger of medical science, information technology and a top notch Physician and his team.

Source:  Google Reviews | Sinus & Snoring Specialists Austin TX

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