Vivaer® Nasal Airway Remodeling in Austin, TX

What is Vivaer® Nasal Airway Remodeling?

Vivaer® is a low-temperature radiofrequency treatment to the nostrils. This FDA-approved treatment involves pushing the collapsing nostril out to a better position while simultaneously applying the radiofrequency energy through a specially designed instrument. Typically three treatments to the nostril, one to the turbinate, and one to the nasal septum are all done at the same time on both sides of the nose. This effectively stiffens and opens the entire nasal airway.

How does Vivaer® work?

When radiofrequency is applied to the cartilage and soft tissue of the collapsing nostril it helps reshape these structures to make the nose more open and also helps stiffen them.

What are the benefits of Vivaer®?

This treatment has a high success rate in reducing the complaints of nasal congestion using a minimally invasive and non-surgical approach. It is capable of improving the breathing without surgery and without changing the shape of the nose.

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Risks of Vivaer®?

As a non-surgical procedure and without the need for implants this procedure carries very little risk with the exception of inadequate correction of the congestion. There is typically some crusting in the nose for about 4 weeks and minimal discomfort.

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How long does Vivaer® last?

The studies to date have shown that the improvement in breathing appears to last but as this is a new treatment we do not have a long history to determine if this is a permanent change.

Is Vivaer® covered by insurance?

Every insurance is different but in many cases, this procedure may be able to be done using your insurance.

How is Vivaer® performed?

In our office, it is done under IV sedation in our office procedure room. It takes about 15 minutes and patients can work the next day.

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