Allergy Drops

What Are Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops are a form of immunotherapy. Allergy Drops austin tx | Sinus & Snoring Specialists They stimulate the patient’s immune system to develop antibodies to block the allergy reaction before it occurs. This form of therapy allows for the patient to have a significant reduction in allergy symptoms and require less allergy medicine. Unlike allergy shots they can be given safely at home, don’t require any needles, and are safer than allergy shot therapy.

Allergy drops vS Allergy shots

Many people are familiar with allergy shots. The mainstay of treatment of severe allergies for decades. This therapy can be very successful, but unfortunately it requires weekly visits to the doctor’s office as well as the need for injections. Research and clinical experience in Europe led to the development of allergy drop therapy. It was discovered that special cells that exist beneath the lining under the tongue can also stimulate the immune system to create these same allergy blocking antibodies. Instead of weekly visits and shots, the patient can safely use the allergy drops under the tongue once daily to relieve their allergy complaints. If you have held off allergies tested because the hassle and pain of shots were not for you, consider the use of allergy drop therapy as a nice alternative.

Allergy Drop Candidacy

Anyone who has allergy symptoms and would like an alternative to all of the typical allergy medicines is a good candidate. It’s especially helpful in patients who are not getting enough relief from the usual allergy treatments. It is safe even in patients who normally can’t take allergy shots such as those on Beta Blockers.

Benefits of allergy drops

This form of therapy will quickly reduce allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, congestion, postnasal drip, sinus inflammation and recurring infections.

ENT Specialist Dr. Daniel Slaughter explains how allergy drops are used and their benefits

how are allergy drops used?

The drops are given once a day under the tongue and are held for 2 minutes then swallowed.

How quickly can allergy drops relieve symptoms?

Drops get to maintenance dose in less than two weeks and patients may feel improved in just 2 weeks.

How can I optimize my allergy treatment results?

Traditional allergy therapies such as nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines etc can be used along with allergy drop therapy.

Side Effects Of Allergy Drops

Drop therapy have very few side effects except a slight tingling under the tongue may occur in few patients

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