William J. Boggess, M.S.


Bill Boggess earned his Master of Science degree from Colorado State University in 1984.  He completed his Clinical Fellowship year at the William House Clinic in Los Angeles, California and then returned to Denver to direct The Children’s Deafness Foundation.

Since then, his professional career has been focused on the medical aspects of audiology. This has included Auditory Brainstem Response monitoring in pediatric Intensive Care Units and papers published in some of the foundational areas of Cochlear Implants.

More recently, he has employed his undergraduate electrical engineering experience to the latest in hearing aid technology. With the advances in computer chip technology, it requires a true understanding of how these new technologies can be utilized to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss.

Bill Boggess is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and has presented many lectures from Cochlear Implants to the advantages of current hearing aid technologies.

In his off time, he enjoys volunteering his time to families who have family members with special needs.

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