Video Testimonials

Patient describes his experience at Sinus & Snoring Specialists and results after procedure.

Patient describes his experience at Sinus & Snoring Specialists and Dr. Daniel Slaughter. Describes how he had trouble breathing through his nose prior to coming in. He states that the procedure he had with Dr. Slaughter was “life changing”.

Bob Pickett, from KVET 98.1, describes his experience with Dr. Slaughter and Sinus & Snoring Specialists. He doesn’t need his CPAP any more!

Chad Hastings, from 104.9, THE HORN talks about his experience with Dr. Slaughter in treat his snoring problem. He had the procedure in the morning and was working that afternoon! Snoring is gone and his wife is happy!

Mark Caesar, morning show host on Austin’s News Radio KLBJ 590AM, states his snoring was eliminated after a procedure with Dr. Slaughter.

Charlene speaks about her experience after having Balloon Sinuplasty in our office under IV sedation.

Unable to tolerate CPAP therapy, this patient came to Dr. Slaughter for help. He no longer snores, has sleep apnea or needs a CPAP machine.


This patient explains how his life has changed after procedures to fix sleep apnea and chronic sinusitus.

If you constantly wake up with sinus headaches, listen to this patient, and his wife, describe their relief after the balloon sinuplasty with Daniel Slaughter, MD

Local celebrity Chris Mosser from KGSR 93.3FM tells us about his miraculous results after his procedure with ENT Specialist Dr. Daniel Slaughter

Patient states he shaved 2 1/2 minutes off a 5 mile run just 3 weeks after a sinus and snoring procedure with Dr. Slaughter.

Patient describes his sinus snoring symptoms and treatment with Dr. Slaughter at Sinus & Snoring Specialists.

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