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Sinus Issues And Snoring Austin, TX

How are Sinus Issues and Snoring Related?

Patients often come to our office with multiple complaints. The may say their first issue is that they have had nasal congestion issues and sinus issue for years and they want a solution. Separately they may report that they have snoring issues that are bothering the bed partner. What they may not realize is that […]

Children Allergies Austin, TX

Holistic Allergy Treatment for Kids

  Kids can have runny and congested noses just like adults. In fact, because their nasal airway is naturally much smaller, they are more symptomatic than adults when they have allergy issues. Allergy Medications are not well tolerated, safe or effective The difficulty with kids is that traditional allergy medication may not be well tolerated, […]

Deviated Septum Austin, TX

Is it important to fix a deviated septum?

You may have been told by your doctor that you have a deviated septum.   You may not really understood what that means or why it matters.  You may have heard the procedure to fix your deviated septum is painful and has a long recovery period.  We will address all of these issues in this […]

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