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OTC hearing aids vs. Prescription Hearing Aids

The FDA-approved hearing aids became available over the counter for the first time in mid-October this year, allowing a more affordable alternative to prescription hearing aids.  Not everyone is a good candidate for these OTC hearing aids though and it’s important to know if they will help your type of hearing loss and lifestyle needs. […]

Psychological Effects of Hearing Loss

If someone is losing their hearing, there may be a lot more at stake than just not being able to hear. Many people also face psychological issues, which can often come with hearing loss. Have you noticed that you or your loved one is having not only hearing problems but these issues as well? Anxiety […]

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Signs It May Be Time for a Hearing Aid

Losing your hearing is a scary thought, but there is no need to suffer from hearing loss, and there is no need to be embarrassed about it, either. Don’t put off dealing with this issue for another day! Do you need a hearing aid? Hearing changes can come on very gradually, but sooner or later […]

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The Newest Hearing Aids Can Do AMAZING things!

Hearing aids technology has come a long way and is rapidly changing even today. As a result of these changes the benefits for the hearing impaired have changed as well. Up until recently the philosophy has been to reduce background noise by using a “beam” of sorts, thereby reducing background noise to focus in on […]

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