Andrew 4/25/16

I cannot recommend Dr. Slaughter highly enough.  For over three years I’ve suffered from sleep apnea, forcing me to use a CPAP to sleep at night. While a CPAP helped, I still suffered from fatigue during the day. After several physicians told me they could not help, Dr. Slaughter told me with confidence he could completely cure my sleep apnea with a simple surgical procedure. Three months after my surgery (which was fast and painless), my sleep apnea is completely cured. My AHI went from 15 apneas/min to less than 1 apnea/min. I no longer need to sleep with a CPAP and this is the most energy that I’ve had in years. I will be attending medical school later this year and am sure that Dr. Slaughter is one of the most qualified sleep physicians. If you have any sleep issues, he is the best!

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