Bruce K. 3/9/17

My life changed dramatically a week ago today. That’s when I had balloon sinuplasty with turbinate reduction. In other words a ballon was used to non-surgically dilate the sinus tracts. Then my uvula was reduced and my soft palate was injected so it stiffens. All of this has eliminated snoring completely. In the coming weeks my sleep apnea should be completely gone. This a great nights sleep with complete rest. My wife all ready loves me no longer bringing the roof down. So soon will my fishing and hunting buddies. I hope I still get my own room? This is a game changer, stop wearing a cpap, mouth devices or just living with this deadly condition. Go see Dr Slaughter. In and out in an hour with minimal pain. I can finally breathe through my nose again!!!!!

Source: facebook icon austin tx | Sinus & Snoring Specialists

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