John G. 12/22/2017

I highly recommend Dr. Slaughter and his procedure for balloon sinuplasty. I had my procedure about three weeks ago and I couldn’t be more happy. 15 years ago I had a deviated septum and I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I had a very invasive surgical procedure but it didn’t eliminate my snoring or sleep apnea and my ability to breathe out of my nose became progressively worse. When I went to see Dr. Slaughter the first time my MRI still showed a crooked nasal passage. I decided to do the procedure to correct my problems. The procedure was done in 20 minutes and I had ZERO pain. The next day I could breathe out of my nose perfectly! I also had an allergy test done and started the allergy drops. After the procedure my wife says my snoring is down by 90%!

Don’t wait any longer to feel great!

Source: yelp austin tx | Sinus and Snoring Specialists

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