Kelly 11/2/16

I am SO EXCITED about my results from my balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction, that I am writing reviews and sharing pics in every place I can! Dr. Slaughter was the THIRD ENT/Otolaryngologist I went to. I am a singer, music educator and speaker, and had been through 7 years of hell with my singing voice and my speaking was also being plagued with problems. Speaking and singing is a HUGE part of my job, so my voice is very important to me. I actually lost out on lots of money when my vocal problems started because the quality of my singing voice had gone downhill so much that I lost my job as the female lead at my church, I lost a singing gig with a cover band, and I would get extremely sick with acute bronchitis, laryngitis, and severe allergy problems 6 months out of the year. Not to mention I had snoring problems and was not getting quality sleep! NONE of the other doctors offered me any solutions. After going to Dr. Slaughter last month, I FINALLY got answers to all of my problems. He took the time to LISTEN to me and I saw with my own eyes WHY I was having so many problems singing with the x-ray of my sinuses. He explained everything from the X-ray so well. You can tell he is ALSO a master teacher. He felt heard and understood, and INFORMED! I had the balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction and it was the BEST SURGERY E.V.E.R! My recovery was SUPER FREAKY FAST! I CAN BREATHE, I can sing with no obstructions, people are coming up to me and asking me why my voice soundS clearer and stronger, and my snoring has stopped! I wake up REFRESHED EVERY MORNING!!! And BOY is my husband happy that I’m not raising the roof with my snoring anymore! LOL!! Next I start allergy drop therapy with “Sinus and Snoring Specialists!” Now I can sing with confidence, and I am not afraid to throw in a little singing at some upcoming conferences where I’m booked to speak! YES! I AM SO GRATEFUL! IF YOU’RE A SINGER WITH PROBLEMS, VISIT THIS MAN! You won’t regret it!

Source: facebook icon austin tx | Sinus & Snoring Specialists

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