Meek S. 2/28/2018

Dr. Slaughter is a lifesaver literally! I saw another ENT who wanted to put me on CPAP and have me purchase an expensive mouth guard after one visit and one overnight sleep study (that was interrupted sleep due to my on call job). Not exactly a dream as a 33 year old woman. I decided to do some research and wound up finding Dr. Slaughter and am SO glad I did. His office is so relaxed, it almost felt like a spa. I never waited to see him, appointments ran on time. He actually took images of me, which revealed the true problem; a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates and a largeish tongue. I was able to schedule surgery easily and quickly once I was ready. It was SUCH a quick procedure, I think about 15 minutes. My snoring improved exponentially within the first couple weeks. I only snore now if I have some drinks too close to bedtime and sleep on my back. I used to snore like a freight train in any position. Aside from the obviously embarrassing snoring issue being resolved, I’m SO much more rested after a night’s sleep. I used to require a couple hour morning nap daily….no more! It’s truly incredible how this minimally invasive treatment has changed my life. I didn’t even realize I couldn’t and wasn’t breathing out of my nose until I can now!
I think back to the first ENT I saw and want to tell him what I *actually* needed and not the probably express line treatment all patients are given. I’m just about 3 weeks out and just had my follow up, which was as pleasant an experience as any I’ve had. They’ve also set me up for allergy testing so that we can prevent a recurrence of the issue with my turbinates enlarging due to irritation. At 9 weeks, I’ll have a sleep study.
Thorough, professional, exceptionally experienced, friendly office staff, great billing department. Please don’t go anywhere else!!!! Dr. Slaughter is the BEST!

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