Posts From August, 2016

Is it Allergy or a Sinus Infection?

Determining if you have allergies or a sinus infection is not easy.  Truth is, it is even hard for your primary care physician to tell the difference. Allergy and sinus infection both cause congestion, sinus pressure, drainage that may be clear or colored, headache, fatigue, and make you feel sick. Allergy vs. Sinus Infection Let’s go […]

Chronic Cough Got You Down?

It is a very frustrating problem to have a chronic cough. It interrupts your daily life, makes conversations difficult, it interrupts sleep, and can make people feel like you have a contagious infection. Finding the cause can be quite difficult and frequently a patient may bounce around with many doctors trying very many different types of […]

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The Newest Hearing Aids Can Do AMAZING things!

Hearing aids technology has come a long way and is rapidly changing even today. As a result of these changes the benefits for the hearing impaired have changed as well. Up until recently the philosophy has been to reduce background noise by using a “beam” of sorts, thereby reducing background noise to focus in on […]

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