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Why Do Allergies Cause Snoring? | Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Why Do Allergies Cause Snoring?

Has your bed partner ever said “you really snored last night”. Seems like it’s usually not a problem unless your allergies are flared up. You may recognize that allergies and the associated congestion can tip you in to snoring but may not know why this happens and how best to manage it. The physics of […]

Will Fixing My Sinuses Give Me a 6-Pack? | Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Will Fixing My Sinuses Give Me a 6-Pack?

It seems like there’s a new crazy health claim every week. But there is actual science behind the idea that breathing affects a person’s athletic ability. Many elite athletes have seen Dr. Slaughter for exactly this reason. The nose has a job. It is intended to filter, humidify, and warm the air we breathe. You […]

Balloon Sinuplasty

Scared To Have A Septoplasty? Fear No More!

What’s new in septoplasty (correcting a deviated nasal septum)? Ever known anyone that had a septoplasty? 5 minutes in to their story you are convinced that no matter what you are not having that done. The septum is the divider between the right and left side of the nose. It is made of fine bone and […]

allergy treatment austin tx | Sinus & Snoring Specialists

My Allergy Test Is Negative But I Know I Have Allergies

Why was my allergy testing negative when I know I have allergies? Spring is coming and along with it those dreaded spring allergies. People all over the Austin area are headed to the store to stock up on allergy medications. Unfortunately, those medications don’t really stop the allergy. They let you have the allergy and […]

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