My Allergy Test Is Negative But I Know I Have Allergies

Why was my allergy testing negative when I know I have allergies?

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Spring is coming and along with it those dreaded spring allergies. People all over the Austin area are headed to the store to stock up on allergy medications. Unfortunately, those medications don’t really stop the allergy. They let you have the allergy and try to cover the symptoms. They are also associated with side effects such as a dry mouth, elevated blood pressure, problems with bladder emptying, nasal crusting and bleeding among other issues.

You are smart so you decided to take the time to get allergy tested so you could be on a much more effective form of allergy therapy – allergy shots or allergy drops. To your shock and dismay the allergist tells you that your testing is negative. They tell you that you have “non allergic rhinitis” and they cant really help you.

Then you watch the allergy counts and when ragweed is high you are miserable. Cedar is up and you suffer. You visit a friend with a cat and you sneeze all the way home.

You do have allergies! You have LAR (local allergic rhinitis). General allergists focus only on systemic allergies that will show up on skin or blood testing. Many patients do not have systemic allergy and the allergic response is limited to the nasal and sinus membranes. It is a true allergic response and will respond to allergy medications as well as immunotherapy (allergy shots and drops).

In our office we perform needle free allergy skin testing. If the patient has negative skin testing but a history of obvious allergy symptoms we do this weird thing called LISTENING to our patients. We will formulate allergy drops based upon the patient’s history. What types of exposures, time of year, allergy seasons tend to produce their symptoms. An assortment of the common allergens during those times are placed in the allergy drops. Representative common allergens such as local trees, grasses, weeds, mold as well as dust mite, cockroach, and animal dander may be included.

Finally the patient can get some real relief with immunotherapy (allergy drops) as this actually makes their body develop antibodies to block their allergic reaction. A cure to their allergies is usually obtained by using the allergy drops for 36 months. They are convenient, used daily at home, don’t have side effects like medications, are safe, and inexpensive.

If you have been told you have non allergic rhinitis come get a second opinion and a path towards a long term cure of your nasal allergies.

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