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Are Some Sinus Issues Too Severe For Balloon to Work?

MYTH: Some sinus issues are too severe for balloon sinuplasty to work Some people have extensive sinus infection, nasal polyps, and other structural issues like a deviated septum. They want to have non-surgical therapy using balloon sinuplasty to reduce recovery and risks but have been told their issue is too severe for balloon sinuplasty. This […]

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Why Does My Nose Run Like a Faucet?

Some people have to carry Kleenex with them all of the time. They have a runny nose when they eat, when they exercise, when the weather changes, or seemingly for no reason at all. They have had their sinuses evaluated and there isn’t infection. They use allergy medicines but it really doesn’t help. They may […]

What Can You Learn From A Home Sleep Test?

What does a sleep study test for? A sleep study is a diagnostic test to evaluate for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a disorder where there is a cessation of the airflow during sleep (apnea) or a significant reduction in the airflow during sleep causing a drop in the oxygen concentration (hypopnea). What is […]

Your Teeth Grinding May Be Caused by Your Snoring

Many people that snore also grind their teeth at night time. Their dentist may be the first person to tell them they are grinding because of the wear on the teeth. The dentist may have made them a mouth guard to prevent damage to the teeth. Actually, the snoring is usually the cause of teeth […]

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