Are Some Sinus Issues Too Severe For Balloon to Work?

MYTH: Some sinus issues are too severe for balloon sinuplasty to work

Some people have extensive sinus infection, nasal polyps, and other structural issues like a deviated septum. They want to have non-surgical therapy using balloon sinuplasty to reduce recovery and risks but have been told their issue is too severe for balloon sinuplasty.

This is simply not true. Using Dr. Slaughter’s modern advanced ballon sinuplasty protocol, all cases of chronic sinusitis can be treated regardless of the severity.

the Balloon Sinuplasty Step By Step Procedure

In our office the patient is under IV sedation and local anesthesia is placed throughout the nasal cavity using a tiny telescope and a camera.

  • Deviated septum: Dr. Slaughter is able to make any adjustment to the nasal septum using a tiny telescope and a 3 millimeter incision. There is no packing or splinting required with his modern technique.
  • Nasal polyps: Dr. Slaughter can gently remove any nasal polyps using a tiny suction cannula just like liposuction.
  • Balloon sinuplasty: Dr. Slaughter can then identify the natural sinus outflow tract using Fiogan 3D computer navigation assistance. Dilation is performed of the natural sinus outflow tracts and the balloon is removed.
  • Removal of the infection: A special irrigation tool called Cyclone lavage is then placed through the natural outflow tract in to the sinus cavities. Antibiotic solution is irrigated in to the sinus while all of the infection is removed with suction.
  • Medical treatment: The advanced balloon sinuplasty procedure is then followed by medical therapy including a topical and oral antibiotic therapy based on cultures performed during the procedure.

Using this special advanced balloon sinuplasty protocol all cases of chronic sinusitis can now be addressed using a minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty technique in the office under IV sedation. The vast majority of patients are back to work the next day and don’t require pain medication.

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