Posts From August, 2019

What Sleep Position Is Best To Reduce Snoring?

Sleep position is an important factor in reducing snoring. It is one part of a larger factor called sleep hygiene that can be addressed to reduce snoring. Sleep hygiene includes sleep position, regular sleep habits, avoidance of alcohol or sedatives before bed, allergy management, and staying hydrated. Sleep position is critical for many reasons. Lying […]

Are Lymph Node Injections Recommended for Allergy Treatment?

Lymph Node Injections VS. Allergy Shot or Allergy Drops You may have heard of clinics offering injections of allergens into the groin lymph nodes (Intralymphatic Immunotherapy – ILIT) to treat allergy symptoms, rather than using allergy shots or allergy drops.  It is advertised as a way to eliminate your allergy symptoms with three injections, one […]

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