Are Lymph Node Injections Recommended for Allergy Treatment?

Lymph Node Injections VS. Allergy Shot or Allergy Drops

You may have heard of clinics offering injections of allergens into the groin lymph nodes (Intralymphatic Immunotherapy – ILIT) to treat allergy symptoms, rather than using allergy shots or allergy drops.  It is advertised as a way to eliminate your allergy symptoms with three injections, one month apart.

Clinical Studies

The science of allergy treatment is always evolving as we now have decades of clinical data showing the clear efficacy of allergy shots and allergy drops.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, the use of an allergy injection into lymph nodes to treat allergies remains experimental at this time.

According to the Archives of Allergy and Immunology clinical review 2019, there is not enough convincing evidence for the routine use of this therapy nor are there any authorized products commercially available for its use.

At present, there is limited to no data to demonstrate that it is effective in anything besides grass, pollen, and bee venom.  Also, in one study it showed no benefit in grass pollen. There is also no data supporting its use in the pediatric population.

There have also been significant anaphylactic shock reactions with this treatment.  This can happen even when ultrasound guidance is used during the lymph node injection.  For this reason, the treatment has to be done in a careful clinical environment to adequately treat this life-threatening event.

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