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Treatments for Nasal Valve Collapse

What are the treatments for Nasal Valve Collapse? Nasal Valve Collapse is a common problem. It is a condition where the ligaments on the outside of the nose are weak or broken and the nostrils collapse when the patient breathes in. The ligaments can break from an injury to the nose or become weaker with […]


An Alternative to Breathe Right® Nasal Strips

Have you ever wondered why so many professional athletes like football and soccer players wear nasal strips during games? Swimmers, runners, and cyclists are also known for using plastic nasal inserts to help keep the nostrils open wide during exercise. The use of nasal strips or dilators is a sign that breathing may be a […]

Nasal Valve Repair Austin TX

What Is Nasal Valve Collapse?

Nasal valve collapse is nasal obstruction from collapse of the nostrils when the patient breathes in. The patient will feel like they have difficulty breathing and congestion, especially when they lay down at night. They may or may not notice the visible collapse of the nostrils as the collapse may be internal only. Nasal valve […]

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