An Alternative to Breathe Right® Nasal Strips

breathingHave you ever wondered why so many professional athletes like football and soccer players wear nasal strips during games? Swimmers, runners, and cyclists are also known for using plastic nasal inserts to help keep the nostrils open wide during exercise.

The use of nasal strips or dilators is a sign that breathing may be a problem through the nose. Even though many coaches and exercise how-to books specify that we should breathe through the nose when working out, this is next to impossible for people who are chronically blocked-up due to nasal airway obstruction. Those with nasal obstruction may also experience increased snoring, congestion, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue. Nasal obstruction may be caused by a variety of anatomical issues like nasal valve collapse, a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or deformity due to trauma.  A consultation in our office is the best way to determine which factors are contributing in your case.

Those with nasal valve collapse can often times see the nostrils sinking in when breathing sharply through the nose. This is caused by weak cartilage and ligaments in the nose meant to hold the nostril wide open.

Luckily, there are various options for treatment depending on the type and severity of the nasal valve collapse.

Nasal Valve Collapse Treatment options

Conservative Therapy

Nasal Strips – Nasal strips, such as Breathe Right® nasal strips, can be found at many local drug stores and are applied to the outside of the nose to hold the nostrils open.

Nasal Inserts – Alternatively, nasal inserts like nasal cones or PerformAir nasal dilators provide support to the nostrils from the inside by stenting the nostrils open.

For people looking for a more permanent solution, Sinus and Snoring Specialists offers non-surgical, in-office procedures to correct nasal valve collapse.


Vivaer® is a brief non-invasive procedure performed in the office. During this procedure, IV sedation is provided by an anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort and safety. A small paddle is then applied inside the nostril and radiofrequency energy is released which permanently remodels and stiffens the soft tissue and cartilage in the nasal valve. The Vivaer® procedure is completely non-surgical and requires no incisions. Patients can return to work the next day and will only experience mild scabbing inside the nose. Many patients will notice an immediate improvement in breathing, but it can take several weeks to see full results.


Latera® is an alternative treatment to treat nasal valve collapse that uses a small implant to support the upper and lower cartilages. Patients are provided IV sedation during this in-office procedure. A small implant is inserted inside the nose and then placed over the cartilage underneath the skin. Once placed, the implant dissolves over the course of two years, leaving behind a network of collagen that continues to support the cartilage. Latera® is also sometimes used for patients wishing to gain additional benefit following the Vivaer® procedure.

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If you think you may have nasal valve collapse or are interested in Vivaer® or Latera®, call to schedule an appointment at Sinus and Snoring Specialists for a thorough evaluation.

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