Your Allergy Symptoms Might Not Be Allergies At All…

Allergy Symptoms The typical allergy complaints include congestion, runny nose, post nasal drip, sinus pressure, sneezing, headache, and fatigue.

These symptoms may very well be from allergy but they may also be from a completely different diagnosis. Failing to identify and treat these other causes can leave the patient still symptomatic despite good allergy therapy.

What Can Cause Allergy-Like Symptoms?

The four issues that can cause these symptoms include: allergy, structural issues, chronic sinus infection, and vasomotor rhinitis. We have advanced diagnostic services in our office that Dr. Slaughter uses to make the correct diagnosis and the appropriate plan.

Allergy Testing

In our office at the initial consultation patient’s can schedule to have comprehensive allergy skin testing. Our technique does not involve any needles and is painless. A full panel of 50 allergens including Cedar, Trees, Weeds, Animal dander, Molds, Dust mite, Cockroach, and foods are tested. What the patient is allergic to can be formulated in to allergy drops to immunize the patient and resolve their allergies.

MiniCT Scan of the Sinuses / High Definition Nasal Endoscopy

We perform a ultra low radiation MiniCT scan of the sinuses as well as record a high definition nasal endoscopy on the initial consultation. This allows Dr. Slaughter to evaluate the sinuses and the structural issues in the nose. A deviated septum, turbinate swelling, nasal polyps, and chronic sinus infection can all be clearly seen. A specific plan to correct these issues if identified is offered so the patient can have a successful resolution to their symptoms. Typically this may involve a 15 minute office procedure called a “Balloon Sinuplasty” done under IV sedation. The “nasal valve” may also be collapsed with weak nostrils creating congestion. This can be addressed with a special nostril stiffening procedure called Latera implants as an office procedure.

If the patient has typical allergy complaints but the allergy skin testing, MiniCT scan, and high definition nasal endoscopy are all negative they may have Vasomotor rhinitis. This is a condition where the patient has a hyperactive nerve in the nose that causes swelling, congestion, and drainage. We now have a special form of cryotherapy (Clarifix) where we can rapidly cool that hyperactive nerve as a simple office procedure under IV sedation to provide lasting relief for the patient.

How To Alleviate Allergy-Like Symptoms

In many patients it may actually be a blend of all these conditions. They may have significant positive allergy testing and would benefit from allergy drops. They may also have chronic sinus infection coupled with a deviated septum and would benefit from an advanced balloon sinuplasty procedure. They may have weak nostrils and may be helped by the Latera implant. They may also have vasomotor rhinitis and could be helped by the Clarifix procedure. Each treatment is customized to the areas of concern for the patient and can be combined frequently in to one treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have suffered from allergy like symptoms come see Dr. Slaughter for a comprehensive evaluation and a plan specific for you. Call us today at (512) 601-0303 for a consultation.

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