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Advantage of Allergy Drops

What is the advantage of allergy drops? There has been a big change lately in how we can manage our allergy symptoms. Traditionally there has been medical treatment such as antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays. There has also been allergy shots that can stimulate the body to have an immunity against the allergens. Both of […]

Symptoms of a Chronic Sinus Infection

Acute Sinusitis vs chronic sinusitis Most people know what it means to have a sinus infection. You were feeling fine and now you are sick. Lots of nasal discharge, yellow or green in color, congestion, sinus pressure, headache, sore throat, and possibly a fever. These are the typical symptoms of an Acute Sinusitis. This is […]

Runny Nose Austin, TX

Why Do I Always Have A Runny Nose?

Rhinorrhea is the medical term for a runny nose. This can be a real nuisance as the patient may feel that they need to constantly carry tissue with them. It can also be embarrassing in social situations such as eating meals out with friends. There are multiple reasons why a nose might run too much […]

Sinus Issues And Snoring Austin, TX

How are Sinus Issues and Snoring Related?

Patients often come to our office with multiple complaints. The may say their first issue is that they have had nasal congestion issues and sinus issue for years and they want a solution. Separately they may report that they have snoring issues that are bothering the bed partner. What they may not realize is that […]

Children Allergies Austin, TX

Holistic Allergy Treatment for Kids

  Kids can have runny and congested noses just like adults. In fact, because their nasal airway is naturally much smaller, they are more symptomatic than adults when they have allergy issues. Allergy Medications are not well tolerated, safe or effective The difficulty with kids is that traditional allergy medication may not be well tolerated, […]

Deviated Septum Austin, TX

Is it important to fix a deviated septum?

You may have been told by your doctor that you have a deviated septum.   You may not really understood what that means or why it matters.  You may have heard the procedure to fix your deviated septum is painful and has a long recovery period.  We will address all of these issues in this […]

Tips for Temporary Snoring Relief

So you are going to be on a plane overnight, or camping with friends, or on a guys weekend and the only thing you are thinking about is your snoring. It’s one thing to snore at home. Your bed partner and you may have arrived at solutions for that. But snoring in these situations can […]

What Makes Snoring Or Sleep Apnea Worse Over Time?

It is important to understand that snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are the same condition. It is just a matter of severity. The condition can worsen over time for a variety of reasons. Snoring is resistance to airflow through the upper airway during sleep that creates vibration of the soft palate, tongue, and tonsil area. […]

CPAP machine Austin TX

Why can’t I tolerate my CPAP?

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is a good chance you have been prescribed a CPAP machine.  You may try and try but you just can’t wear it.  You may try switching masks, try different CPAP machines, use chin straps, try sleeping pills, program a ramp up in pressure, all to no […]

What Is Sinus Pressure? | Austin TX

What causes sinus pressure and headache?

We have all felt sinus pressure before. It is that ache in our face, around our eyes, and/or in our upper teeth. It can start dull and be a nuisance, but it can really become quite severe and incapacitating. Frequently in headache sufferers, it may then trigger a significant migraine, tension, or cluster headache episode. […]

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