Advantage of Allergy Drops

What is the advantage of allergy drops?

allergy drops
There has been a big change lately in how we can manage our allergy symptoms.

Traditionally there has been medical treatment such as antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays. There has also been allergy shots that can stimulate the body to have an immunity against the allergens.

Both of these treatments have considerable negatives.

Allergy medication doesn’t prevent allergy but instead lets the reaction occur. The medications then try to simply reduce the symptoms. This form of therapy isn’t that effective, has side effects, and will always be needed.

Allergy shots can effectively reduce and eliminate your allergy symptoms but it is a very long process and can be quite inconvenient. Weekly trips to the doctor’s office, a painful shot, local swelling at the site of the shot, significant worsening of your allergy symptoms with each shot, possible fatal allergic reactions, and about 18 months before you really start to see a benefit. Patients will typically need 5 years of treatment.

Allergy drops work on the same principal as allergy shots. Each day a liquid concentrate of the allergens you are allergic to are placed under your tongue. 3 simple drops before you go to bed. The drops taste a little sweet and don’t typically have any side effects. Unlike allergy shots, they don’t produce a local reaction and they are extremely safe so they can be used at home. Within 6 weeks your body is starting to make antibodies to block your allergic symptoms. Many of our patients feel allergy free and do not require allergy medications by 6 months into treatment. A course of 36 months will create permanent immunity in many patients allowing them to stop treatment after that period.

Allergy drops have a proven record of success and have been used world-wide for many years.

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