How Can a Musician Protect Their Hearing?

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you know how loud it can be, even when you are far away from the stage. Now imagine how loud it is up on the stage – it is no wonder that many musicians end up with hearing damage or losing their hearing altogether. If you are a musician (or just care about one!) here are some things you should know about caring for a musician’s hearing.

It’s not just rock stars

Rock music may be loud, but musicians who play other types of music are at risk as well. Orchestral and classical musicians are just as likely to sustain ear damage as rock musicians. Violinists often have hearing damage on one side, the side where they rest their violin.

There are signs that damage is being done

Hearing loss doesn’t happen all at once. If you notice tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ears), or it seems like people aren’t speaking as loudly as they used to, these may be signs that it is time to do something about your hearing.

How to protect your ears

Once you lose your hearing, you never get it fully back – which is a nightmare for someone who loves to play music. To protect your hearing:

  • Wear earplugs when you are playing (it is also a good idea to wear them in any loud environment, even when running the lawnmower). And, make sure that they fit well in your ears for maximum protection.
  • Wear musician earplugs (custom earplugs that can be made in our office).  This is a great option for musicians since they keep the music response natural, just at a decreased volume.
  • Pay attention to the volume levels when you are playing. Use a dB meter to monitor volume. There are also some smartphone apps you can use for this.
  • See an audiologist as soon as possible if you think you might be losing your hearing.

This advice doesn’t just apply to musicians on stage!  If you are going to a concert it is a good idea to bring along earplugs. And, you should always be careful to not listen to music too loudly.

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