What Can Be Done for Sudden Onset of Hearing Loss or Dizziness?

TTDT treatment Austin TXMany patients may develop an inflammation of the inner ear. Typically from a bacterial or viral infection that starts in the nose or sinuses.

They will notice a sudden onset of symptoms and usually end up in an urgent care office or with their primary care doctor.

The doctor’s examination is normal as the middle ear will typically look normal. Typically medicine is given to reduce the symptoms but no real treatment for the inner ear is given.

The patient may be left with permanent hearing loss or dizziness.

TTDT Treatment

In our office, we do sophisticated measurements of the hearing, middle ear pressure, and balance organ function to identify which inner ear has been injured and how much injury has occurred.

We then have a special in-office procedure to provide a treatment to that inner ear.

Trans-Tympanic Dexamethasone Therapy (TTDT) is a technique where we can provide a “steroid shot” to the affected inner ear. This is done by numbing the eardrum with a gel. A very tiny needle is used through the numb eardrum to fill the middle ear with a strong steroid. It will soak into the inner ear through a special permeable membrane between the middle and inner ear called the round window. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes and is painless. The patient can drive themselves and there are no restrictions in activity.

With this treatment, many patients can have a resolution of their dizziness, hearing loss, or both.

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