It’s Spring And Allergies Are In The Air – What Are You Really Allergic To?

Allergies austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsMy allergies are killing me! We all seem to know the seasons that produce our allergy symptoms. Even though we know it’s coming we still seem to start behind each year. We feel the dreaded congestion, sinus pressure, headache, and post nasal drip. Now it’s time to rush out and grab some medicines from the store.

There is a better plan. In our office we do state of the art modern needle free skin testing. Painless and easy even in kids this testing takes about 30 minutes. A large array of different known local allergens are tested so we can know exactly what you are allergic to. This testing is also combined with a detailed history as many patients can have LAR (local allergic rhinitis) where the allergy is isolated to the nose and won’t show up on skin testing.

Allergy drops are then formulated customized for the patient based upon the testing and the history.  These drops placed under the tongue daily will teach the immune system to make antibodies that will block the allergy. Most patients no longer will need allergy medicines after 6 months on allergy drops. Typically in about 2-3 years the patient no longer has significant allergy complaints and the drops can be stopped.

Knowledge is power. Be proactive. Come and get tested to know what seasons will bother you, when you should be on medicine, and to use the modern science of allergy drop therapy to rid yourself of allergies once and for all.

Daniel Slaughter, MD

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