How Are Allergies And Sinuses Related?

allergy treatment austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsWhat about allergies causes a sinus infection? Patients frequently get a sinus infection during their peak allergy seasons. There are many reasons for this to occur.

The sinuses are hollowed out cavities that surround the nose and empty secretions into the nose. The natural pathway for them to empty into the nose is actually quite narrow. Swelling in this pathway from allergy can cause this pathway to become blocked. This creates a perfect setup for infection. Stagnant secretions pooled in the sinus cavities are a perfect environment for infection. One little exposure and you are stuck back on antibiotics again.

Not only does allergy block the sinus outflow pathway but it also produces inflammation of the nasal and sinus lining. This lowers the natural defenses of the sinus lining such as it’s force field and its antibodies. This will leave the patient more likely to get an infection than someone with allergic inflammation.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
Modern allergy testing can be a life changer for patients that have frequent allergy related sinus infections.  It can help determine what you are allergic to and how to treat it.   Some ways to manage the allergy include avoiding the allergan, treat with allergy shots, treat with allergy drops or taking allergy medications.  Balloon sinuplasty can also help tremendously by dilating the sinus outflow tracts to make them less likely to become blocked.

If you suffer from recurring sinus infections with your allergies visit our office for a long term solution.


Daniel Slaughter, MD

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