Alternative Treatment for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Besides Tubes

Eustachian tube dysfunction Austin TXPatients with Eustachian tube dysfunction suffer from chronic popping and pressure in the ears. They frequently will develop fluid behind the eardrum that causes hearing loss. The mainstay of therapy for years has been to place “tubes” in the eardrum. This provides ventilation to the middle ear and resolves the issues but has many negatives. The patient has some hearing loss from the hole in the drum, has to worry about water exposure to the ear, and the procedure has to be repeated about once a year.

Eustachian tube treatment

We now have a great new method to treat this issue. We can perform Eustachian tube balloon dilation as a simple office procedure. Taking just minutes this non-surgical procedure has been shown to resolve the patient’s Eustachian tube dysfunction in clinical studies.

In our office, sophisticated measurements are made of the middle ear pressure and hearing along with a mini-CT scan of the nasal/sinus/eustachian tube area. Any sinus or nasal issues can contribute to the Eustachian tube dysfunction and these can be corrected at the same time as the Eustachian tube balloon dilation under IV sedation.

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If chronic Eustachian tube issues have plagued your adult life come see us for a discussion of the modern non-surgical alternatives. Contact our office at 512.601.0303 to schedule a consultation today!

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