Success Rate of Balloon Sinuplasty

balloon sinuplastyPeople are all talking about balloon sinuplasty. Advertisements on the radio, TV, and billboards have sprung up over the last several years. Patients who suffer from chronic sinus issues such as recurring infections, sinus pressure, chronic nasal drainage, and chronic congestion all have the same question…

Does it last?

Extensive research has been done evaluating balloon sinuplasty success. The prestigious ENT science journal, The Laryngoscope, recently published the results of a study, and it’s quite impressive! The results clearly demonstrate that the procedure is successful 97.5% of the time with a dramatic reduction in patients sinus related complaints.  This is measured by the Sino-Nasal Outcomes Test scores (SNOT). There were very significant reductions in the work/school days missed, homebound days, physician/nurse visits, acute sinus infections, and antibiotic prescriptions. All amazing results with a procedure that had a mean recovery time of only 1.4 days.

Even more exciting, is that patients have been followed for an extensive time to evaluate if these great results stay with the test of time. Patient improvement was evaluated at 6 months, 12 months, and up to 24 months after the procedure. There was no recurrence of their sinus issues over time. The gentle dilation of the sinus outflow tracts by the balloon keeps its patency over time, making the need to perform the procedure again in the future very unlikely in most cases.

If you are one of the many sinus sufferers the good news is that balloon sinuplasty can offer you great long-lasting relief.

Daniel Slaughter, MD






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