Untrue Myths About Balloon Sinuplasty

The balloon is left in the sinuses

Balloon Sinuplasty
Actually no material is left in the sinuses. The balloon is inserted in to the sinus outflow tract, inflated, deflated, then removed. Unlike cardiac blood vessel dilation the sinus outflow tract area is made of fine compressible bone and no stent is left or required.

The sinus dilation won’t stay open

Long term studies have been performed on patients who have had Balloon Sinuplasty using CT scans and high definition nasal endoscopy. The outflow dilation does stay open long term. This is because tiny micro-fractures of the fine compressible bone heal in the new open position.

Balloon Sinuplasty isn’t as successful as sinus surgery

Head to head studies show that Balloon Sinuplasty is just as effective as traditional sinus surgery with less risk of complications, less pain, less downtime, less bleeding, less need for medication, and less time needed for follow up with the doctor.

Balloon Sinuplasty can’t be used for severe or complicated cases of sinus disease

Actually advancements in Balloon Sinuplasty now make it the most appropriate treatment even in severe cases. We now have in office CT scan 3D computer navigation for Balloon Sinuplasty procedures to create pinpoint accuracy for balloon placement, removal of polyps, and navigate unusual anatomy or revision cases. We also now have Cyclone lavage to power wash out thick infectious secretions.

Balloon Sinuplasty procedures can’t take care of my deviated septum

Actually in our office we perform Balloon Sinuplasty under the comfort of IV sedation provided by an anesthesiologist. We have a full set up just like any operating room and can correct associated issues at the same time as we do the Balloon Sinuplasty. Correction of a deviated septum can easily be performed with the endoscopic approach we use. Our septoplasty technique means complete and comprehensive correction of the deviated septum without the need for any packing or splinting. There is no bruising or change to how the nose looks. Even with a septoplasty combined with the Balloon Sinuplasty most patients can work the next day.

Balloon Sinuplasty in the office isn’t as safe as going to a surgery center

Our procedure suite used for Balloon Sinuplasty is inspected and approved by the Texas Medical Board. It has an identical set up as a traditional operating room in a more comfortable and soothing environment. We use a board certified anesthesiologist for IV sedation to provide the ultimate in patient comfort and safety.

With all new technology there is usually a lot of misinformation on the web. Balloon Sinuplasty is an amazing technology that allows us to manage sinus issues so much easier and safer than ever before. If you have sinus issues and wonder if Balloon Sinuplasty may help you, come for a consultation and see if this technology is right for you.

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