When Should You Consider a Balloon Sinuplasty vs Another Round of Antibiotics

Balloon Sinuplasty Austin TXAnother sinus infection, another trip to the doctor, lost work time, lost sick leave, copay and medicine costs. Having a sinus infection is no small issue. Especially when they keep recurring. If you are having several sinus infections each year, you may be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty to resolve this issue.

There used to be no real option to break this cycle except surgery and that entailed too much downtime, risk, and discomfort.

Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment

Dr. Slaughter was instrumental in the development of the sinus balloon he uses for balloon sinuplasty exactly for this reason. We needed a better answer. We needed a non-surgical way to open blocked sinus outflow tracts and break the cycle of recurring sinus infections.

The advanced balloon sinuplasty we perform in our office, under the comfort and safety of IV sedation, has been proven in clinical studies to dramatically reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of sinus infections. This non-surgical procedure takes just minutes and the patient is back to work the next day.

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