How Does Having Chronic Sinusitis Affect My Health?

balloon sinuplastyWe are all familiar with the symptoms we have with chronic sinusitis. Facial pressure, headache, fatigue, congestion. There’s plenty of reason to get this problem resolved.

You may not be aware of how it can affect other aspects of your health.

Chronic Sinusitis Health Affects

Chronic sinusitis causes significant worsening of asthma. Many times adults may develop asthma for the first time secondary to persistent sinusitis. Patients may also develop pneumonia because of persistent sinusitis which could require hospitalization.

Sinusitis also causes middle ear infections, fluid, and hearing loss. Because the brain and eyes are so close to the sinuses, sinusitis can also cause serious complications such as meningitis and eye infections resulting in vision loss.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty can now successfully resolve chronic sinus issues safely and easily. This non-surgical procedure done under IV sedation in our office restores the natural sinus drainage and allows the patient to breath clearly.

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