When is Full Sinus Surgery Needed Nowadays

sinus surgeryIn our practice, we see many sinus sufferers on second opinion. Many times they have been told they will need a sinus surgery to correct their issue. Like in all aspects of medicine, therapy should always go from the least aggressive to the most aggressive. In the past, when medical therapy had failed to resolve the patient’s sinus issues, surgical therapy was the next appropriate step.

Now, with the creation of balloon sinuplasty, surgical therapy should only be offered if balloon sinuplasty fails. Large studies published in the ENT literature, clearly show that balloon sinuplasty offers successful outcomes equivalent to sinus surgery (97.5%), with a faster recovery, far less pain, less crusting and need for cleaning of the nose by the surgeon after the procedure.

Balloon sinuplasty can also be performed in the office setting in about 15 minutes with IV sedation, without the need of general anesthesia. This removes the risks and symptoms associated with general anesthesia as well.

In our office, other nasal issues can be addressed at the same time as the balloon procedure such as correction of a deviated septum, turbinate reduction, or polyp removal.

If you have been told you need a sinus surgery, do some research and seek a second opinion before proceeding.

Watch Dr. Slaughter’s video on how balloon sinuplasty works. Click here 


Daniel Slaughter, MD



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