Tips to Avoid a Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection Austin TXThere are several things you can do to avoid getting a sinus infection. Obviously, washing hands thoroughly, avoiding people with active infection, avoiding cold exposure which dries the sinus lining are all helpful. Allergy control is also critical. Allergic inflammation of the nose and sinuses reduces the natural defenses of the sinus lining making it more vulnerable to both viral and bacterial infection. Allergy exposure avoidance, rinsing your nose with saline following exposure, changing your clothes after exposure, and taking a shower following exposure can also be helpful.

Allergy Medication

Allergy medication can be used. Medications such as nasal steroid sprays, nasal allergy sprays, and oral antihistamines our typical examples. The best mechanism to control allergy is not allergy medication. Allergy medication does not prevent allergies, it allows the allergic reaction to occur and tries to reduce the symptoms. There are significant associated side effects and they tend to dry the nasal and sinus lining.


Immunotherapy, we commonly use allergy drop therapy, is a concentration of what the patient is allergic to. Placed under the tongue nightly it makes the body generate antibodies which physically block the allergic reaction. This is a highly effective form of allergy treatment and it tends to reduce allergies symptoms to a much greater degree than allergy medication. Because it is not a medication it does not have side effects. Unlike medications this form of therapy is also not needed indefinitely. Typically 36 months of allergy drops is all that is needed to successfully resolve the patient’s allergies.

Surgical Procedures

Resolution of structural issues inside the nose can also be very helpful. Patients that have a deviated nasal septum, polyps inside the nose, narrow sinus outflow tracts, and other structural issues which can be identified by office CT scan, will all have a significant increased risk of developing sinus infections. We now have the ability to perform modern advanced balloon sinuplasty procedures in the office under intravenous sedation. Typically taking only 15 minutes these structural issues can be successfully corrected. The patient will breathe better and have a much reduced risk of developing sinus infection.

With all of the modern technology we now have available it is worth attending a consultation and looking at your options to reduce your risk for sinus infection.

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