Mouth taping to fix Snoring?

Illustration of a person sleeping with mouth breathing and a person sleeping with nasal breathing

Mouth taping is all the rage right now.

  • Your partner snores… You heard they should tape their mouth.
  • It’s better to breathe through my nose… I heard I should tape my mouth to make me breathe through my nose.

But why?

Why do you need to tape your mouth to choose nose breathing?
That’s the question.

  • It’s true – You will snore if you mouth breathe when you sleep. The jaw drops back bringing the tongue with it and tongue snoring will bother your partner all night.
  • It’s true – Mouth breathing reduces your oxygen delivery, oxygen exchange in your lungs, and oxygen carrying capacity in your blood.

But why?

Why do you mouth breathe?

We all preferentially breathe through our nose if it is the path of least resistance to breathing. It is the route of delivery of oxygen that is filtered, humidified, and warmed.

But structural issues, allergies, and chronic sinusitis make it difficult to breathe through the designed area to provide the oxygen we need.

Taping and forcing the air through a restricted nasal airway isn’t the solution even if it provides some benefit. In fact, it can hurt your health in many ways.

If you have snoring, sleep apnea, or have poor quality sleep or if you mouth breathe during exercise, don’t put a Band-Aid on the problem!

A bandaid over your mouth is not the answer.

Request a Consultation

At Sinus Snoring Specialists we can solve the reason why your nose isn’t working as designed with simple holistic medical treatments and office procedures.

Breathe naturally through your nose, and leave the tape for your boxes.

Request a consultation or call/securely text us at 512-601-0303 , for a consultation and be clear, rested, and healthy.

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