Do over-the-counter Snoring Products work?

Snoring Products | Sinus & Snoring Specialists Austin TXThere are many Over-The-Counter Snoring Products! Find out what works and why!

It seems like every day there is another commercial for a snoring product. There are two main reasons why there has been an explosion of treatments for this issue. The first reason is snoring is exceptionally common. 45% of adults snore and 25% snore nightly. The second reason is that essentially none of these devices successfully resolve snoring.

Types of snoring products

The oral appliances sold online are not customized for the person’s dentition. They provide limited benefit and tends to be so uncomfortable that the patient cannot wear them. They tend to create tooth migration, TMJ pain, and gum issues. They are also of low-quality and tend to break.

Products going on the nose, in the nose, over the nostrils, offer minimal benefit and frequently cause irritation of the skin.

Devices that stimulate or vibrate when snoring is detected may temporarily reduce snoring but this works by waking the patient up from deep sleep into a lighter level of sleep. This deprives the patient of the necessary deep sleep and is not a good long-term solution.

Snoring issues

In order to successfully resolve snoring the patient needs a thorough evaluation by a sleep specialist to identify the causes. Snoring comes from:

  • Nasal blockage issues – deviated septum, allergic swelling, turbinate swelling, chronic sinus issues, nasal polyps
  • Throat blockage issues – long uvula, long and floppy soft palate, large tongue base, small jaw, large tonsils
  • Physical issues – obesity, large neck circumference
  • Sleep hygiene issues – sleep position, sedatives/alcohol before bed, sleep habits

With a deep understanding of the causes and state of the art diagnostic testing in our office, we can design a custom plan for each patient that snores.

Best of all the plan is typically a brief office procedure to correct the underlying issues with the patient able to return to work the next day.

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