What simple things can I do at home to reduce my snoring issue?

reduce snoring
With everything going on with COVID19 right now, we want you all to know that Dr. Slaughter and the Sinus & Snoring Specialists team are still here and available to see new and existing patients for all of your ENT needs.  We are ensuring extra safeguards to keep our staff and our patients safe.  If you are still hesitant to come to our office but you or your sleep partner’s snoring is becoming unbearable, here are some great things you can do from home to help reduce snoring.

Go to bed on time

When we go to bed exhausted, we tend to fall into a deep sleep almost immediately.  In deep sleep, the muscular tone of the structures in the throat becomes very floppy and much more likely to vibrate and make noise.

Don’t Sleep on your Back

Sleep with your head elevated, higher than your stomach, and on your side, and with a stiff pillow. When we sleep flat, on our back, belly higher than the head, and on a soft pillow it is the perfect storm for snoring.

Avoid sedatives before bed

Sedatives such as alcohol, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, and Valium like drugs before bedtime enhance snoring. All of these drugs are muscle relaxants and they will make the structures in the throat more floppy and more likely to vibrate. Alcohol also increases nasal congestion which you will see below enhances snoring.

Treat nasal congestion

Anytime your nose is congested, you are more likely to snore. This is because it creates faster and more turbulent airflow and also makes us prone to mouth breathing which will enhance the probability that the tongue falls back into the airway making snoring.

Lose weight

The more weight we have in our face, neck, and belly the narrower the airway is, the fatter the tongue becomes, and the harder the diaphragm has to work to bring the air through the upper airway. These factors enhance snoring.

Stay hydrated

Moist nasal and throat membranes are less sticky and make less noise than an airway that is dry.

What If the Home Remedies Aren’t Enough?

The truth is a thorough evaluation of your nose, sinuses, and oral cavity in our office including sophisticated testing such as high definition nasal endoscopic evaluation, miniCT scan of the sinuses, and home sleep testing (HST) can help elucidate the specific causes in your case. Treatment of these issues along with paying attention to the issues listed above gives the best outcomes for snoring patients.

Schedule A Consultation

For a more detailed and personalized evaluation and treatment plan, come see us for a consultation!   Contact us today at 512.601.0303 to schedule an appointment!

If you or your partner snore use these simple factors listed above to help with this annoying issue. If the issue is persistent come see us for a consultation and a more in-depth evaluation and treatment plan.

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