Modern Allergy Testing and Treatment Options (No Needles Needed)

allergy drops austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsMost people HATE their allergies. It can ruin whole seasons with congestion and drainage as well as cause recurring sinus infections. Allergy medicines help some but they have side effects and the costs really add up as well. The prospect of going to an allergist doesn’t sound much better either with all those needles for testing and the inconvenience of weekly trips to the doctors office with painful shots.

Fortunately modern allergy therapy has come along way. At Sinus and Snoring Specialists, we use the latest in allergy testing techniques. This allows us to do comprehensive allergy skin testing without the use of any needles. Painless and easy to do even in kids this testing will tell us not only what you are allergic to but to what degree. We can also do blood testing for those people that can’t have skin testing.

Even better, we can now treat your allergies with allergy drop therapy. Allergy drops placed under your tongue at home once daily stimulates your immune system just like allergy shots to block your allergies before they happen. Essentially immunizing you from your allergies. Since the drops are not a medicine there are typically no side effects and they are very safe and well tolerated in kids and adults. Importantly, they can also be used even if your skin testing has been negative for allergies. Many patients have LAR (local allergic rhinitis) where the allergy is isolated to the lining of the nose and won’t show up in allergy testing. We can add the allergens that bother you historically as well as any that are positive on your testing so we aren’t missing some of the allergens we should treat.

Tired of allergies? Come for a consultation at Sinus and Snoring Specialists and get started on allergy drop therapy today.

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