Stay Healthy in 2017 – No More Upper Respiratory Infections!


Stay Healthy in 2017 - No More Upper Respiratory Infections!

Tired of getting upper respiratory infections? You just got over one and now you are sick again!

Why does this happen and how can you make it stop?

There are several reasons why you may be more prone to infections in your sinuses. The first major reason is allergy.  Allergic inflammation causes the natural defense mechanisms to not work properly. Think of your lining having a force field that keeps bacteria from reaching your lining and causing an infection. This force field doesn’t work properly when you have allergic inflammation and you are more likely to get an infection. Using allergy medicines such as nasal steroid sprays and nasal antihistamine sprays during your allergy season can help a lot to reduce infections. Even more effective is allergy prevention using allergy drop therapy. We perform allergy skin testing in our office without any needles and formulate allergy drops based on the testing. These drops used under your tongue daily can stimulate your immune system to block your allergies without the need for medicine. It literally vaccinates your allergies away.

The next major reason is anatomical predisposition. Everything in the body has a structure function relationship. If you have structural problems in your nose or sinuses then you are much more likely to get sinus infections. Deviation of the nasal septum, nasal polyps, narrow sinus outflow tracts are all common reasons for frequent sinus infections. We have advanced technologies in our office such as low radiation office MiniCat CT scan and high definition video nasal endoscopy to identify the structural issues that may be present. Better yet we have a simple office procedure, called Balloon Sinuplasty, performed with IV sedation for comfort and safety to correct these issues. With essentially no downtime your structural issue can be resolved allowing much better breathing and a resolution of your recurring sinus infections.

If you are having recurring upper respiratory infections come by for a comprehensive evaluation of your sinus structure and allergies to live life without annoying infections.

Daniel Slaughter, MD

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