Why is My Child Always Sick?

ent doctor austin txSeems like they just got off another antibiotic and they are coughing and feeling poorly again. It breaks the parent’s heart to see their little one sick again and it can break their wallet as well with all of the doctor visits and missed work.

What can appear as another infection is more likely the same one that failed to completely resolve after the treatment. If you child is stuck in this cycle they would benefit from a specialty consultation with an ENT doctor. Make sure they offer office based minicat CT scanner which can identify where the infection is persisting in the sinuses. A painless endoscopic culture can then be performed to analyze what the infection is and what is the best antibiotic therapy to use. A follow up minicat CT can be performed after therapy to verify the therapy was successful. It can make all the difference in the world to get your child healthy and happy again.

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