Sinus surgery vs. balloon sinuplasty

balloon sinuplasty austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsWith over 20 years of experience in sinus surgery I have seen many changes in techniques and outcomes for sinus surgery. The goal has always been the same – Allow the blocked sinus outflow tracts to drain naturally relieving the infection and all the associated symptoms.

A revolution occurred just a few years ago with the invention of Balloon Sinuplasty. Rather than using surgery with cutting and removing natural structures in the sinuses to create an opening and allow the sinus to drain a tiny balloon is used to dilate the sinus outflow tract. This dilation, similar to the technique used in heart procedures, unblocks the blocked passageway without any cutting or tissue removal. I helped in the original development of the balloon we use for Balloon Sinuplasty and participated in the FDA studies that gained its FDA approval. We have pioneered the use of IV sedation in the office for this procedure allowing maximal comfort and safety. I also helped in the beta testing for the 3 dimensional computer guidance Balloon Sinuplasty system that we have in our office. This allows pinpoint accuracy and verification of successful balloon dilation.

Long term studies have continued to show that the dilation is a long lasting cure for sinus disease.

Patients frequently ask me what is the difference between Ballon Sinuplasty and sinus surgery. Night and day. What was a several hour surgery under general anesthesia with packing and pain and weeks of recovery is now a 15 minute non-surgical procedure with twighlight IV sedation with essentially no downtime and little if any need for pain medicine.

If you have been told you need sinus surgery hold off and get a second opinion at Sinus and Snoring Specialists today.


Daniel Slaughter, MD.

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