My Spouse Snores and It’s Driving Me Crazy. What Can We Do?

snoring treatment austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsThe joke goes…
“Why is divorce so expensive…….”
“Because it’s worth it…”
All kidding aside, living with a spouse that snores is miserable and it can lead to significant relationship issues.  The good news is that it is treatable. There are many options to arrive at a successful resolution available with modern treatments. Most people never seek treatment because they don’t want to go to a sleep lab with all those wires and some person watching them. They also don’t want to wear a CPAP…so why bother?
At Sinus and Snoring Specialists we have a fully accredited sleep lab by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine BUT all our sleep tests are HOME SLEEP TESTS. We use a very sophisticated but simple to use home sleep testing device made by Phillips Respironics. This test is highly accurate just like an in lab sleep study to evaluate if you have sleep apnea. We also have all of the diagnostic equipment to accurately identify the cause of sleep apnea and snoring for each individual patient. This issue is multifactorial and the treatment needs to be tailored to the patient. There are many successful treatments besides CPAP. With comfortable IV sedation we use simple office procedures such as Balloon Sinuplasty to open the nasal airway along with techniques to elevate and stiffen the soft palate. These procedures usually take about 15 minutes and most patients can work the next day.  Stop putting up with snoring and come for a consultation today. You will be happy you did.
Daniel Slaughter MD

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