Tips for Temporary Snoring Relief

Snoring Austin, TX So you are going to be on a plane overnight, or camping with friends, or on a guys weekend and the only thing you are thinking about is your snoring. It’s one thing to snore at home. Your bed partner and you may have arrived at solutions for that. But snoring in these situations can be very embarrassing and socially awkward.

tips to reduce your snoring in these situations

1. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol relaxes muscles including the tongue and palate and will worsen snoring.
2. Sleep with your head elevated above your belly. This assists the diaphragm and reduces snoring.
3. Sleep on your side to slightly stomach. This helps keep your jaw and tongue from falling back into the airway.
4. Stay hydrated. Dry lining in your throat makes louder snoring
5. Treat your allergies. Use effective allergy medicines starting 3 or more weeks before the event to reduce congestion. Congestion and mouth breathing increase snoring.
6. Use a breathe right nasal strip. Place it over the area of maximal nostril collapse upon deep inspiration to help keep the airway open. The more open the airway the less you will snore.
7. Topical nasal decongestant spray. You have to be careful with their use as they create severe rebound if used regularly but for a one night flight or a couple night camping trip they will likely reduce your snoring
8. Don’t be exhausted. If you go to bed after previous inadequate sleep you will snore more, earlier, and louder.
9. Oral appliance. An oral appliance sold online will provide some temporary improvement for an event like this as well in many people as it holds the jaw and tongue forward. They typically fall apart and create tooth or jaw issues long term unless they are custom made by a sleep dentist.
10. Visit our office for a more comprehensive evaluation of the specific reasons why you snore and we can provide a more comprehensive longterm solution

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