Myths About Allergy Drops

Allergy drops don’t work as well as shots

Sublingual Immunotherapy

The research shows that well formulated allergy drop therapy is as effective as allergy shots for all allergy symptoms in adults and children. Actually in most cases it is more effective simply because of compliance issues. It is easier to be consistent with a therapy you can do at home rather than have to be in town and capable of driving to the doctor’s office weekly. For these reasons allergy drops are actually the preferred method of immunotherapy across the world.

Allergy drops from the health store are the same as allergy drops from a medical practice

The allergy drops from the local grocery or health store are not at all as effective. That is because of several issues. First, they are not specifically made for you based upon your allergy test results. Secondly, they are simply made of ground up whole plants, not a strong concentration of the specific protein that creates that allergy from these trees/weeds/grasses/molds/danders/insects like we formulate. Lastly, the over the counter drops have great variety in what is included from batch to batch as they are not required to be consistent in their formulation.

I can just become “immune” to my allergies over time just with breathing them in just like allergy drops create this immunity

Actually special cells that create the immunity to block your allergies do not exist in your nose or respiratory tract. They exist in the subcutaneous tissue and under your tongue. That is why allergy shots (subcutaneous injection) and allergy drops (sublingual – under the tongue) are the methods used. Presenting the allergens in those specific locations consistently over time is the only way to create the immunity to block the allergy.

Allergy drops are expensive because they aren’t covered by insurance

The allergy testing is covered by insurance. That knowledge alone is very useful. Although allergy drops are presently not covered by many insurances they are usually the low cost alternative. Allergy shots typically require a copay with each weekly visit. Those copays for most patients add up to much more cost than the cost of our allergy drops. Allergy medicine also has costs and all of the cost of over the counter medicine and copays for prescription allergy treatment really adds up. Especially when you consider that allergy medicine will always be required unlike allergy drop therapy. Typically after 36 months the allergy drops are not needed anymore and the cost of managing your allergies will be removed.

I can’t use allergy drops because my allergy test was negative for allergy

Many patients have LAR (local allergic rhinitis). LAR is true allergy isolated to the nasal and sinus lining but not systemic. It won’t show on skin or blood testing. We can use allergy drop therapy by including the most common local trees/weeds/grasses/molds/danders/insects with a focus on what historically bothers the patient and what their exposures are. This form of LAR allergy drop therapy gives great relief to all those allergy patients who have been told they “don’t have allergies” after negative skin testing.

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