One Side of Nose Always Blocked?

Balloon Sinuplasty in austin txPatients frequently complain that they have one side of their nose that is always blocked. This is typically due to structural issues in the nose.

endoscopic septoplasty austinThe nasal septum is the divider between the right and left side of your nose. It is made of cartilage and bone and it may be deviated into one side of the nose. This may occur following a previous history of trauma but frequently there is no known history of previous injury. This deviation may become progressively worse over time causing increasing symptoms of congestion.

The deviation of the nasal septum will typically also cause turbinate swelling. Turbinates are natural structures inside our nose intended to filter, humidifier, and warm the air we breathe. The mixed airflow signals that occur because of a deviated septum will cause progressive enlargement of the turbinates which will also cause chronic nasal congestion.

Intranasal polyps may also form because of chronic sinus infection or chronic allergies. These growths fill the nasal airway and cause a significant amount of nasal blockage as well as sinus issues.
The bottom line is structural issues in the nose cause chronic congestion and they will not improve with typical medical therapy for allergies or sinus infection. Fortunately, there are modern simple office procedures such as balloon sinuplasty and endoscopic septoplasty and turbinate reduction that can correct these issues in minutes without the need for general anesthesia or downtime.  A low dose CT scan of the sinus cavities, nasal endoscopy, along with a complete evaluation by an ear, nose, and throat physician, can help determine the treatment options.

Don’t live with chronic congestion that doesn’t respond to allergy therapy when evaluation and treatment is so easy with modern techniques.

Daniel Slaughter, MD


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