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sleep apnea testing austin tx | Sinus & Snoring SpecialistsWhat is a Home Sleep Test? One of the biggest reasons that people with snoring or possible sleep apnea never have it evaluated is because they don’t want to go to a sleep lab. The idea of all of those wires, the electrodes, someone watching, and a strange environment isn’t appealing. They know they will never sleep normally. Fortunately, technology has caught up to the problem.

At Sinus and Snoring Specialists, we have a fully accredited sleep lab by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine offering Home Sleep Testing devices to our patients. The test is highly accurate like an in lab study for the diagnosis of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Only one night is needed to obtain an accurate study. It is not affected by a bed partner or a bed partner’s snoring. And you don’t have to turn it off if you get up to use the restroom or even have a late night snack.

It takes about 2 minutes to setup, it turns itself on and records without the patient doing anything, and turns itself off when it is removed in the morning. The patient drops the equipment off to our office that morning and we are able to download and read the data with sophisticated software in our office.  Once the results are evaluated by Dr. Slaughter, a board certified sleep medicine physician, we are ready to start on a plan that’s best for the patient.

If the Sleep Lab has kept you from addressing your snoring or sleep apnea, wait no longer.  It’s easier than ever to have your snoring evaluated.  Call to schedule a consultation today!


Daniel Slaughter, MD

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